Kevin Steele

Hard Working Conservative Champion

Kevin Steele, the youngest of 9, was raised in Tampa and lives by his father’s motto, “give more than you receive.” After High School, Kevin attended Hillsborough Community College and the University of South Florida. He paid for his education by working at Chase Manhattan Bank. There, the company had a reimbursement program where he would pay for a semester, and they would reimburse employees who kept A’s and B’s in business courses. He graduated having earned a Business Management Degree.

After college, Kevin worked for GTE and eventually was recruited for a start-up called Z-tel. There he built his first application identifying and managing leakage, surrounding our ILEC contracts. Kevin branched off and started his own company, DataLink, in 2001 after meeting a family friend who was a physician. DataLink Software is a healthcare technology company that empowers better health by enabling payers, providers and care partners with real-time data aggregation, HER connectivity and dynamic dashboards and reporting. DataLink’s intelligent, data-driven solutions drive value by reducing the cost of care, improving quality scores, ensuring risk adjustment accuracy and simplifying healthcare navigation. In just 21 years DataLink went from one physician as a client to a $50 million plus enterprise.

Kevin met the love of his life in college, and they married soon after. They have four daughters, two cats and a rescue dog. Together they enjoy hunting, fishing, biking, water and snow skiing.

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Senate President
Wilton Simpson
State Senator
Danny Burgess
State Representative
Amber Mariano
State Representative
Ardian Zika
Pasco Sheriff
Chris Nocco
Pasco Tax Collector
Mike Fasano
I’ve always believed in the power of commitment and a strong work ethic in accomplishing your goals and objectives. Whether it’s family, business, or campaigns, there’s no replacement for good, honest, hard work”
-Kevin Steele

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